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Mexican Fishing License Information

Get Your Mexican Fishing License Online

To get your Mexican fishing license online, you must go to the Sportfishing BCS website.

FONMAR is a trusted entity by the Government of the State of Baja, California Sur for the promotion of sportfishing and the conservation of marine resources. They’ve issued over 500 thousand Mexican fishing licenses online with their easy-to-use system.

Mexican Fishing License Prices

Day license: $10.66 USD
Week license: 20.87 USD
Month license: $29.39 USD
Year license: $37.90 USD

How It Works

1. Complete the short form
2. Pay online
3. Print your license

Note: You must turn off popup blockers in order to receive the link to download and print your fishing license. Also, make sure your bank knows you are going to be making foreign transactions, as more than 3 attempts to process payment will cause their system to lock you out.

Accepted forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard. Prices are subject to change at any point without notice.

If you’re operating a boat that carries fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is mandatory for everyone onboard the boat, regardless of age (fishing or not), to have a Mexican fishing license. If you choose not to purchase a license and get boarded by the Mexican Navy, fines will be issued.

Keep in mind that a Mexican fishing license only allows you to keep finfish only. It does not under any circumstances allow you to capture any crustaceans or mollusks (with the exception of squid). Turtles, Totuaba, and marine mammals are all under the protection of the Ministry and may not be captured at any point in time.

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While fishing for bottom feeders, a maximum of 4 hooks in a vertical line may be used. The use of electric reels is restricted to disabled fishermen only, with prior written authorization from the Ministry.

Other ways to get a Mexican Fishing License:

  • Visit the CONAPESCA office in San Diego
  • Visit local tackle shops – In San Diego, check out Dana Landing
  • Visit State tourism offices located in Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, San Felipe, and San Quintín

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