La Bufadora

La Bufadora is a town located about 37 kilometers (23 miles) south of Ensenada La Bufadoraat the end of the Punta Banda Peninsula. La Bufadora roughly translates to “water spout,” which happens to be one of the town’s main attractions – the famous blowhole.

The town itself of La Bufadora offers a fun, street vendor atmosphere that is well known for their clam plates (almejas gratinadas) and cheese melts, pina coladas the size of your head, and lively restaurants for all sorts of eats and tasty cocktails that sit positioned perfectly, overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

La Bufadora Ensenada Directions

Navigating your way to the town of La Bufadora is very easy and only takes around 45 minutes from Ensenada (assuming there’s not much traffic – it’s mostly a two-way road there). To get to La Bufadora head south from Ensenada on the Mexico 1 for roughly 26 minutes until you reach Maneadero.

Along the way keep an eye out for signs that say ‘exit to La Bufadora,’ as this is the exit you will be taking. Continue straight along the base of the mountains, which will eventually start to take you up and over the hillside (this takes around 20 minutes depending on your driving and other trucks on the road) straight into the town of La Bufadora. *For an interactive map, scroll to the bottom of this page.*

The road is paved the whole way with well-marked signs to guide you right into the town. As you approach the town there are various dirt parking lots, some are more expensive than others, but the good ones do fill up fast. I would recommend kicking the lot attendant a couple bucks after you park to keep a good eye on your things (especially if you have surfboards on the roof or in the back of the truck).

la bufadora

Map of La Bufadora