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Valle de Guadalupe Wineries

In recent years, Baja’s wine country has grown tremendously in popularity. The number of wineries has nearly doubled since 2014 with over 150 wineries in Baja Norte. The different valleys that make up the wine region are Valle de Guadalupe, San Antonio de las Minas, Ojos Negros, Santo Tomás, San Vicente, La Grulla, Tanamá, Las Palmas y San Valentin.

We’ve put together a list of the vineyards found in the Baja region, most of which are Valle de Guadalupe wineries, with links to some of the more popular destinations. We hope you find this helpful!

1. Cuatro Cuatros

2. Monte Xanic

3. Vena Cava

4. El Cielo

5. Hacienda La Lomita

6. Adobe Guadalupe

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