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Cuatro Cuatros

What you need to know:

  • Hours: 12-8pm on weekdays / 12-9:30pm on weekends (for Bar Bura)
  • Wine Tastings: there are no wine tastings at Bar Bura
  • Reservations: Not required but extremely helpful, especially with the bar’s growing popularity
  • Tips: Go to Bar Bura for the view, cocktails, and food. Keep reading to learn more about wine, activities, and hotel

Contact Cuatro Cuatros

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (646) 1746 789 or 152*162486*4
  • Website:

About Cuatro Cuatros

Cuatro Cuatros is a special place. It has arguably the best view of any vineyard in Ensenada and is so much more than a place to sip wine (although we have nothing against places that are strictly for wine sipping ????). The vineyard, bar, restaurant, venue — the list goes on — is located on 144 acres of coastal landscape. The development combines nature, architecture, wine and hospitality to provide its guests with a truly unique experience.

The most popular thing-to-do at Cuatro Cuatros is to visit Bar Bura. It’s a bar/restaurant located directly on a cliff with chairs made out of haystacks and probably the coolest bathrooms you will ever see (pay Cuatro Cuatros a visit and you’ll understand what I mean). The menu consists of wine, but it is not the place to go at Cuatro Cuatros for a tasting. There is a separate bar at the bottom of the cliff that serves wine and provides tastings. Bar Bura will serve you cocktails, cheeseboards, and food. As you enter the development of Cuatro Cuatros, an attendant will direct you toward a hill where you’ll find a parking lot at the top. From there, a separate bus (provided by Cuatro Cuatros) will pick you up and drive you down the cliff to the bar. This is the only means of transportation to Bar Bura.

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When it comes to planning a visit to Bar Bura, we recommend making a reservation far in advance. The bar’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years (and for good reason), but to ensure you have a pleasant experience, we recommend contacting their team prior to your trip.

In addition to the cliffside bar, Cuatro Cuatros is also home to 19 different cabins (think: glamping). These tent-like structures are located within the vineyard and provide all the services of a luxury hotel, most notably A/C! Not every glampsite/hotel has this amenity and when you’re in the heat of summer in a valley like Valle de Guadalupe, this is a lifesaver!

Cuatro Cuatros offers all of its guests access to their private vehicles and boats. Soon, aerials will also be available. The employees are highly knowledgeable of the area, so anything you can’t do on the property can be planned with the help of their friendly staff.

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