Every day hundreds of cars drive into Mexico from one of the six international border crossings. Many of these people crossing the border into Mexico may not know that their current American auto insurance is not valid in Mexico. Read on to learn how to buy Mexican car insurance and what it covers.

Mexican Auto Insurance

Thinking about driving south of the border? Awesome! The best way to buy Mexican car insurance is to purchase it online, through a trusted insurance company. When we travel to Mexico we always buy our insurance through Baja Bound. The process is extremely quick and easy, and they give you a quote right on the spot.

Baja Bound uses two Mexican insurance providers, HDI Seguros and Chubb Seguros. These are both subsidiaries of international insurance companies, so each policy is backed by a company that you can depend on. To read Mexican insurance FAQ’s click here.

Why Buy Mexican Car Insurance?

  • U.S. and Canadian auto insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico
  • Mexican States set potential civil and criminal liability amounts a driver would be responsible for in case of a fatality. These can be as high as $300,000 per fatality depending which state you’re in
  • A Mexican car insurance policy reduces the financial burden you could come across after an accident
  • Having a policy present during an accident in Mexico could potentially keep you out of jail

What Does Mexican Auto Insurance Cover?

A Mexican car insurance policy covers liability and legal assistance, but you also have the option to add collision, theft coverage, and vandalism for an added cost.

What Does “Liability” Mean?

Liability is defined as an obligation to pay money to parties other than yourself or persons in your vehicle. This component of the insurance covers damages which you might have caused to other vehicles or property in the event of an accident. It also covers costs associated with bodily injuries which you may have caused to 3rd parties.

For more insight on driving in and around Mexico, follow this link: driving in Mexico.