SENTRI Lane Directions

Option 1 – This is the safest bet as you don’t have to worry about getting stuck behind the medical lane traffic

Option 2 – Short cut when there’s less traffic:

Note: You should only take this way when you are traveling back during non-peak hours. During peak hours the medical lane can get backed up and you could get stuck waiting an hour + to go 1/2 a mile to pass the medical lane.

SENTRI Lane Directions from the Toll Road:

driving in mexico

1. After passing the toll booth, continue straight through a valley under a footbridge.


2. Next you’ll pass through another large valley, be sure to be in the right lane here.


3. Take a RIGHT turn to merge onto Via Internacional.


4. Continue straight up the hill.


5. You’ll notice Via Internacional is parallel to the U.S / Mexico border. Continue straight for a couple miles in the right hand lane.


6. Keep an eye out for ‘SAN DIEGO Interstate 5’ signs and continue to follow them straight.


7. Once you cross under this bridge, get ready to make a right hand turn.


8. Exit right before the BP gas station onto AV. MELCHOR OCAMPO and stay in one of the left lanes.


9. Take a left onto CALLE SEGUNDA / BENITO JUAREZ.


10. You MUST be in the lane that says COL. FEDERAL (it’s between the concrete divider and the yellow curb).


11. Continue straight up the bridge and pass the medical lane on the right side. If you go into the medical lane you’ll be waiting for a long time, as this is NOT SENTRI.


12. Stay to the left side and make a U-TURN at the Alto sign.


13. Next, you’ll go over a few big speed bumps. Stay to the RIGHT of the dividers but DO NOT exit to the far right, stay in the middle and go under the bridge following the sign that says PASEO CENTENARIO / SAN DIEGO.


14. Continue straight then make a left at the second Alto sign.


15. Continue straight down the block.

16. There are two options at the Alto sign. [Option 2] – Short cut when there’s less traffic: If there is no cop, you can make a left turn to get into the SENTRI lane on the right side (not far right lane though). [Option 3] – When there’s a cop and more traffic will be explained later).

17. Option 2 – Short cut when there’s less traffic continued: Take the left at the new SENTRI entrance and make sure you’re under the sign that says SENTRI LANE not ‘SOLO AUTOBUS’ or you’ll end up in COL. FEDERAL.


18. Continue driving towards the line – enjoy your short wait. 🙂

Option 3 – When there’s a cop and more traffic

When there is a cop blocking the intersection you’ll be forced to take a right and go all the way down past the round-a-bouts and get behind everyone (which seems long but it actually goes pretty quick).

  1. After making a RIGHT at the Alto sign (photo 18), continue straight for a few blocks. You’ll notice a longish line parallel to your left.
  2. At the Padre Kino Glorietta statue follow the roundabout to make a U-turn. There will be two stop signs coming up (one immediately after the roundabout and one further down the road).
  3. Keep driving straight and make sure you’re in the lanes that say SAN DIEGO / SENTRI LANE – they’re kind of in the middle.
  4. At the second Alto sign, follow the signs straight into the SENTRI lane entrance.
  5. Enjoy your short wait. 🙂