Traveler Info FAQ



When does a SENTRI membership expire?

5 years.

How far in advance can I renew my SENTRI membership?

Up to 90 days in advance.

Does Global Entry come with a SENTRI membership?

Yes. Global Entry comes with SENTRI and TSA PreCheck.

Can I apply for SENTRI but not Global Entry?

Yes, you can apply for SENTRI only. If you decide to apply for Global Entry at a later date, you will have to go through the application process for that program.

Application Process

Who qualifies for SENTRI?

SENTRI is open to anyone who is a permanent resident or citizen of the United States or Mexico. However, it is designed for low risk travelers meaning people with criminal convictions, penalties, or violations (e.g. a DUI), are not likely to be approved.

How old do you have to be to apply for SENTRI?

There is no minimum age requirement for SENTRI.

How long does it take to get approved for SENTRI?

The review process can take up to 3 months.

My application was denied. Can I re-apply?

Yes, you can reapply to the SENTRI program.

There will be information regarding the reasoning for this action in your TTP account.

From the CBP website: “In the event you are denied or revoked from the Trusted Traveler Programs, then you may provide additional documentation to the CBP Trusted Traveler Ombudsman and request reconsideration.”

My family member was deported, can I apply?

Yes, you can a apply, but there is a slight chance you will get denied.


How do I replace a lost or stolen SENTRI card?

You can replace your lost or stolen SENTRI card by logging into your TTP account and requesting a new card. The cost is $25 dollars and your original card will be deactivated and no longer functional.

Can I use my SENTRI card instead of my Passport?

Yes, when crossing the border back into the United States, you do not need your Passport if you have your SENTRI card.

Vehicle Information

I didn’t register my car when I applied and was approved for Global Entry. How do I register it now?

Login to and look for the Program Memberships section. On the approved Global Entry card, you’ll see an “Add Vehicle” button.

There is a $42 dollar fee when registering a car after the initial application process, otherwise it’s included in the Global Entry application fee.

Does my vehicle need an in-person inspection?

No. An in-person inspection used to be required but is no longer the case.

Can my Significant other with SENTRI drive my car across the border registered under my membership?

Yes, so long as she is in the program and the car is in the program.

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